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Who is entitled to view a Will?

What's in a Will isn't normally a topic for polite conversation. Meaning that when someone dies, there can be numerous parties interested to know what was contained in the Will.

In this video John Gallagher from Argon Law outlines the different people who are entitled to view a Will and/or be provided with a copy of the Will of the deceased under Queensland law.

Some of those entitled parties are:
- persons mentioned in the will, even if not specifically named and even if they don't stand to receive anything under the will.
- anyone who stood to receive something under an earlier version of the will
- any parent, spouse, child, step-child, grand child or further descendant
- parents or guardians of a child mentioned in the will
- a creditor or others who have a legal claim on the estate

A full list of all entitled parties can be found in Section 33Z of the Succession Act. And at times it will be necessary to obtain legal advice on whether a party qualifies under that section of the Act.

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