What are Management Rights?

Are you considering buying management rights but want to understand exactly what you are getting for your money? Are you aware that there are many different types of management rights?

Management Rights is the business of on-site caretaking and letting within a body corporate.

Because there are so many different Management Rights scenarios, it pays to fully comprehend what these entail before considering to buy them. 

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More Information

Management rights is the business of on-site caretaking  and letting  within a body corporate .

Management rights traditionally includes:

  1. Ownership of real estate in a community title scheme  (which usually includes an office or the right to use an office);
  2. A contract for caretaking  of common property  in a body corporate ; and
  3. An authorisation to let  lots in the scheme. 

There are a number of variations on the above. Some management rights do not include real estate. Some are caretaking  or letting  only.  It is important that you understand what it is that you are buying, before committing to the investment.

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