Understanding Health Law

Health Law is a discipline that includes any area of law affecting health.  This is quite broad.  While it’s commonly associated with personal services law like torts, criminal law, family law, capacity and consent, guardianship and so on, health law is certainly not confined to these.

In this video, John Gallagher from Argon Law discusses the concept of Health Law.  

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The health sector is highly regulated.  Laws which govern the delivery and development of health services are complex.  These draw on many areas of commercial law including property law, contract law, intellectual property law, corporate law, administrative law, employment law, professional accreditation and conduct and trust law.  

The health sector experiences additional challenges that are difficult to navigate no matter what side of the fence you sit on.  These arise through a complex web of balancing and competing priorities, which include resource allocation, accessibility, need, the type of health service involved, insurance, research, teaching and innovation.  All of these things not only affect the types of legal services provided, but also the level of risk assumed.  

Where health law is concerned, the best legal outcomes are usually achieved by lawyers who understand the health system itself and the challenges experienced by the professionals who work within that system.  

At Argon Law, we understand that system. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a GP setting up your own practice, an allied health professional looking to collocate with other health professionals, a larger company contracting with government to provide services for the benefit of the health sector or in government itself, we can help you.


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