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Trees Blocking Your View: New laws provide solution

Do your neighbours trees block the view you used to enjoy across your neighbours property?

The law has not traditionally recognised that home owners have rights to a view, but a new law in Queensland since 2011 has changed that to some extent. 

In this video, John Gallagher from Argon Law will tell you how to protect your view. 

The Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act makes land owners responsible for:
-Ensuring that their trees do not cause substantial, ongoing and unreasonable interference with their neighbours use and enjoyment of their land. 
-Allows a neighbour to apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for an order if the interference results in an obstruction of their view. 

There are things involved that clarify these laws, such as how high the blockage of view has to be and other limitations, etc. 

If you fear that your view will be lost: 
- Take photographs
- Record dates
- Let your neighbour know that your view must be respected. 

Argon Law would be happy to assist with an application to QCAT, or with any other issues to do with trees, like over hanging branches.

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