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The Role of an Executor when a Will is Disputed

If you've been nominated as the Executor of an estate then it is very important to know that there is a period of time during which applications may be made to have changes to the distribution of the assets. 

In this video John Gallagher from Argon Law outlines what you need to know as an Executor to avoid being held personally responsible if a Family Provisions Application changes the distribution of the assets of the estate. 

Whilst these applications can only come from spouses, children and certain dependents, you should be very reluctant to allow any distributions of assets from the estate before you are confident that the time for an application to be made has passed. Otherwise, if a successful application is brought after you make distributions, you could find yourself personally responsible to pay money back to the estate.

Disputed wills may be more common than you think, so being aware of your responsibilities as an Executor will help you avoid nasty pitfalls. What the video to learn more.

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