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More and more people are living and investing in real estate that's apart of a community title scheme and it's important to learn the rules or maintenance and repair of structures under body corporate in Queensland. Common property includes the walls, floors and structural/ load bearing components of the building. So the maintenance and repair of these things is the responsibility of bodies corporate.

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With more and more of us living or investing in real estate which is part of a community titles scheme, the question of responsibility for the maintenance of structures on body corporate land is increasingly common.

The basic rule is that a body corporate has to maintain common property in good condition and the law specifically states that, to the extent that common property is structural in nature, the body corporate has to maintain it in a structurally sound condition.

It is therefore important to understand what is and isn’t common property.

Most bodies corporate in Queensland are created by the registration of what is called a building format plan. This includes any scheme where separate lots have common walls or are one floor above the other in the same building.

In such cases, the common property includes the walls and floors separating lots as well as all other structural or load bearing components of the building.

The body corporate responsibility also extends to any railings, balustrades, doors and windows on the boundary between a lot and common property as well as all roofing membranes.

The maintenance and repair of all of these things is the responsibility of bodies corporate and committees should not ignore such obligations.

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