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Honorary Senior Fellow of the University of the Sunshine Coast


Well respected solicitor, John Gallagher of Argon Law in Maroochydore, became an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast in April 2016 in recognition of his service on USC’s Planning and Resources Committee from 2006 to 2015. 

As an enthusiastic committee member, John helped guide strategic direction and provided legal and corporate advice to the University in a period that saw USC’s student population more than double.

He monitored USC's progress towards achieving its institutional goals and provided advice on business, corporate and legal matters.

The Committee recommends the strategic directions of the University to Sunshine Coast Council, in the context of development of the University’s plans and their resourcing strategies. It also provides advice to Council on issues arising from these plans.

The key focus ison Planning and Strategy, Financial Resources, Asset Management (including Information Technology), and Human Resources.

More information can be abtained about the planning committee here.

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