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Enduring Powers of Attorney

At any stage in your life, illness or an accident can render you incapable of making certain choices for yourself in the eyes of the law.  

If you put in place an Enduring Power of Attorney while you are capable of understanding the nature and effect of your actions and choices, you are authorising someone you trust to do some of those things for you in the event you lose such legal capacity.

Enduring Powers of Attorney in Queensland are documents which must follow a specified form. They enable you, as the principal, to authorise one or more attorneys to make decisions on your behalf about both financial matters and about personal or health related matters.

Financial matters include such things as the payment of your bills and how your assets or income should be invested, spent or even sold.

Personal and health matters include such things as the medical treatment you receive, where you live and other lifestyle matters.

Obviously, you should have great trust in anyone you appoint as your attorney.

You are able to change or revoke an Enduring Power of Attorney at any time whilst you remain legally capable.

There are many other things you should know about Enduring Powers of Attorney before you sign one.

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