Death of the Casual Employee

Do recent legislation changes signal the end of casual employee arrangements?  

Adverse Action Claims

When an employer treats an employee in a negative or prejudicial way, so as to breach what are called the general protections under the Fair Work Act, this can give rise to an adverse action claim by an employee against the employer.

Understanding Process Contracts in Procurement

Do you get involved in tendering for goods or services?  If so, you should be aware that there are particular legal requirements which apply to tender processes.

Transfer Duty Concessions in Queensland

For people buying residential property in Queensland, there are three main transfer duty concessions available.  These are:

Changes to GST Withholding for Residential Properties from 1 July 2018

On 1 July 2018, changes to the Withholding Law under the Tax Administration Act came into effect.  These amendments change the process under which GST is paid to the ATO on the sale of:

Death during a contract... what happens now?

What happens to contracts when one of the parties passes away before completion?  Simply speaking, it depends on what the contract is for and what it says.  Practically however, the implications are not straight forward.


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