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The team at Argon Law has extensive experience advising both landlords and tenants in respect of all kinds of leasing, including commercial offices, industrial land and retail shops.

With retail premises in particular, we can assist with the complexities of the Retail Shop Leases Act and the disclosure requirements for all parties to such transactions.

A lease will govern a vital commercial relationship for many years so it is important that its terms are clear and reflect your intentions and plans.

Resumption of Land

Are you concerned about your land being taken by a government or council? The resumption process is commenced with a notice of intention to resume and which sets the purpose for which the land is used. 

As a land owner, you have the right to object, at an objection meeting specified in the notice.

You can object on a number of reasons, and if your objections are disregarded by the authority, you can challenge this in the courts.

If you don't challenge or don't object, the authority will proceed with obtaining your lands and you will be paid compensation. 

Residential Conveyancing

Our experienced residential conveyancing team manages a broad range of transactions for sellers and buyers. These include sales of houses, units and farms and extend to off the plan sales, house and land packages as well as purchases by self-managed super funds. We can advise you about the searches and other enquiries you can make and make all necessary arrangements with your agent, lender and builder to ensure that your settlement proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Commercial Conveyancing

When buying or selling commercial real estate there are many issues to consider. We can assist you in negotiating special conditions for your contract that reflect your plans and protect you from risks. We can also help you conduct your due diligence investigations including reviewing associated leases and service contracts and conducting appropriate searches. Our experience team can help guide your important investment decisions.

Purchases by Self-Managed Super Funds

Purchasing property in your self-managed super fund is more complex than you might think, particularly if you need to borrow to do so. We have acted in many such transactions and can advise you about the risks involved.

Development – Community Title

Argon Law, experienced commerical and property lawyers, has extensive experience acting for developers of community title projects, from the simplest of duplexes in two lot schemes, to residential towers with ground floor commercial, to the most complex multi-layered schemes built over multiple stages. We can also advise developers in establishing management rights to be sold off the plan with the residential stock.

Development – Land Subdivision

We have extensive experience acting for developers of land subdivisions. It is important to ensure that you comply with the disclosure requirements of the Land Sales Act and your sales contracts are both user friendly and protect your interests as a developer. We will ensure that you are so protected, assist you in satisfying your financier’s requirements and manage all settlements once the development conditions are satisfied.


We have extensive experience in acting for clients in respect of easements over their land. This includes putting in place easements for things such as access or the construction of infrastructure for services. We act for clients in respect of easements sought or taken by local authorities over their land as well as those wishing to asserting statutory rights of user when seeking easements from a neighbouring land owners.


Before you can lodge a caveat over land, you must have a caveatable interest. We have extensive experience in advising clients on what constitutes a caveatable interest and what is required to register or remove caveats from the land register.

Taxation of Property

When property is being sold, it is always important to consider the impact of taxation law. In particular, we can advise you on matters such as stamp duty, capital gains tax and GST in respect of property transactions. We can also advise you on land tax and how to treat it in the context of property sales.

Retirement Villages

The sale of units in retirement villages a heavily regulated, with minimum standards required for disclosure and contract documentation. Retirement villages have many different kinds of legal structures, each with the own risks and benefits. We have extensive experience in reviewing and advising clients before investing in such structures.


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