Body Corporate

Body Corporate Committees

The committees of bodies corporate accept the very onerous task of managing the affairs of the body corporate on behalf of all members. This includes dealing with a range of different contractors including the body corporate manager and the caretaker. It also includes decisions about requests and complaints from members and the protection and maintenance of body corporate assets. At Argon Law, we have great experience advising committees and members across the Sunshine Coast and Noosa in respect of all such matters.

Management Rights

Body Corporate management rights are valuable business assets created by virtue of contracts with bodies corporate for the caretaking of common property and for authority to operate as a letting agent of the apartments in the scheme. As property lawyers, we have extensive experience in advising developers, body corporate committees and the holders of management rights about the establishment, extension and sale of management rights businesses.

Body Corporate Disputes

In a body corporate context, disputes can arise between many difference parties including between different members and between members and the body corporate itself or its committee. As property law solicitors, we have extensive experience advising and assisting clients in respect of such disputes which often revolve around the interpretation of body corporate by-laws of the provisions of the relevant act and regulations.

Development – Community Title

Argon Law, experienced commerical and property lawyers, has extensive experience acting for developers of community title projects, from the simplest of duplexes in two lot schemes, to residential towers with ground floor commercial, to the most complex multi-layered schemes built over multiple stages. We can also advise developers in establishing management rights to be sold off the plan with the residential stock.

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